Norman has been involved with computers since his days at Cal State Fullerton when he took some computer programming classes, punching holes in cards to be run through an IBM 1620. Their first personal computer was a Kaypro 4 (64K RAM, 9" green monochrome monitor, two 390K floppy drives, CP/M operating system, etc.) purchased in 1983. That was replaced by a Kaypro 10 about a year later. Using a 300 baud modem, Norman became quite active on local BBS's. We soon graduated to a 1200 baud modem. In 1986 Norm built our first IBM-clone computer (286, 1 MB RAM, EGA color, 40 MB HD, etc.) from parts and soon upgraded to a 2400 baud modem. Over the years it got improved to a 386 SX, 486 DX, and presently it is a Pentium III with 356MB RAM, SVGA, 160GB HD, RW CD-ROM drive, CD/DVD ROM drive, MIDI, 56K modem, and webcam. The final piece from that original 286 got replaced in 1999, the Logitech mouse (replaced by another Logitech mouse, of course). Norman and Yvonne both use the desktop and laptop computer for a variety of things.

During the early 1990's the entire family worked with the Knowledge Adventure company beta-testing several of their products. These included Science Adventure II, 3-D Dinosaur Adventure, Body Adventure, Undersea Adventure, Peter Rabbit, and others.