Yvonne and Norman went from BBS (computer Bulletin Board System) activities (which we started doing in 1984) to surfing on the Internet in 1995. In 1996 Norman designed and posted the original "Rowe Boat" website. Over the years it grew and grew and in 2003 it received a total redesign. It continues to grow. Norm has also designed numerous websites for groups and organizations as well as another personal website,, to chronicle and share our travel experiences. Among the websites he has designed and continues to maintain are:

Norm originally designed websites for the Southern Oregon Symphonic Band, Rogue Valley Wind Ensemble, United States Taxpayers Party - Oregon, Jackson County Home Educators, Ashland Barns, and Father Sky - Mother Earth Gallery. Those websites passed along to other webmasters. One, the Rogue Valley Wind Ensemble, had its subsequent webmasters drop the ball and the website basically disappeared. The group changed its name to the Rogue Valley Symphonic Band and in 2004 asked Norm to design a new website for them. He did and the new site is listed above.