The Ashland City Band

The Ashland City Band of Ashland, Oregon, traces it roots back to 1868. Presenting a summer (late June through early August) series of free weekly concerts at the Butler Band Shell in Ashland's beautiful Lithia Park and leading Ashland's Independence Day Parade, the ACB has become an integral part of the city's personality. For more information on the group, visit their website which Norman designed and maintains. Shortly after moving to southern Oregon in December 1994, Yvonne and Norman received invitations to audition for the band and both were accepted by then-director, Raoul Maddox, Yvonne on bass trombone and Norm on euphonium. A couple of years later Raoul Maddox resigned as director (but continues to play trombone in the band) and was replaced by Don Bieghler. Raoul has been with the band for over fifty years and was director for twenty-one of them. Don had played clarinet with the ACB for over thirty years upon becoming the band's director. Yvonne, in addition to playing bass trombone, also assists the percussion section (usually on mallets) from time to time. Daughter Jen is also a member of the band (percussion) and son Tony has subbed on French horn a time or two. In addition to playing in the band, Yvonne and Norm have also served as quartermasters (equipment and stage managers) since 1998.

1998 Ashland City Band

The "official" Ashland City Band photo taken in 1998 by tuba player and former professional photographer Preston Mitchell. Director Don Bieghler stands in front, Yvonne is on bass trombone off to the left, and Norman is on euphonium almost directly behind Don (in front by Don's perspective). Two more photos are below.

2000 Ashland City Band

This photo was taken during the August 3, 2000, concert by audience member Lydia Ievins from Massachusetts. Don Bieghler is directing, Yvonne is on bass trombone somewhat to the right of center (in front of the third horn player from the right -- the horns are in the back row) and Norman is on euphonium between Don and the string bass player.

Norm soloing with the Ashland City Band

This photo was taken during the July 17, 2003, concert while Norm was performing "From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific" by Herbert L. Clarke accompanied by the ACB.