Charles & Flora Warnock with Flora's Children - 1985

At the wedding of Mama and Charles 'Chuck' Warnock (her second husband). This was the last time all six Eads children were together. The next gathering was at Junior's funeral in 1999. Two other pictures with more family are below.

Warnocks and Eads Children

Yvonne, Lonnie, Chuck, Earl, Mama, Junior, David, Arlene

Charles & Flora Warnock with Flora's Grandchildren

Warnocks and Eads Grandchildren

Lori (Lonnie's daughter), Chuck, Mama, Lee Ann (Lonnie's daughter), Daniel (Arlene's son), Shawn (Junior's son)
Paul, Jenny, Tony (Yvonne's children)

Charles & Flora Warnock with Family

Warnocks and Eads Family

Steve Thompson (Arlene's husband), Earl, Lonnie, Glen (Daddy's brother), Junior
Janie (Glen's daughter), Marie (Earl's wife), Evelyn (Lonnie's wife), Donna (Junior's wife), David, Norman, Yvonne
Charles, Flora, Marie (David's wife)